Pit bull West coast


290,00203,00 kn

Cotton t-shirt Pitbull Batter is one of four models of shirts from the latest series of Pitbull West Coast Condemned Mob, which entered the seasonal collection of clothing brand for the upcoming spring of 2018. The Pitbull Batter shirt is a t-shirt sewn from high quality cotton with a weight adjusted to the season of the year (180g / m2), thanks to which it is responsible for the high comfort of wearing on warm days. The shirt uses additional stitching on the shoulder line, which allows you to match the shirt. The fabric piping that has been sewn on the collar protects the neck against abrasions. In addition to high quality material, the manufacturer draws attention to well-designed and thoughtful graphics. On the front, the classically printed name of Pitbull West Coast is one of the elements of identification. The next ones are material patches confirming the originality of T-shirts placed over the bottom seam line and on the sleeve. The back of the shirt covers the print with the image of the batter with the face covered. The motif is preserved in blue and black tones.
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