Pit bull West coast


529,00476,10 kn

Will you warm your sweatshirt for the winter? Do you care about high quality material? Camo Crewneck Pitbull is the latest proposal from the catalog of autumn-winter manufacturer. The black Camo sweatshirt is made from thicker cotton (400g / m), which fills the warmth of winter and does not stretch so that it retains a sporty look. In order to emphasize the perfect fit to the silhouette in the sweatshirt was introduced thicker welts. At the ends of the sleeves, we will find thumb holes that can be folded into the palm of your hand. The sweatshirt does not have a hood, so the neckline is trimmed with a silk rim which protects the skin against rubbing. In terms of graphics, this is one of the more interesting classic models of blouses offered in the catalog. The customer's logo is printed in the form of a stamp in the classic green moro color. Additional emblems will be found on the left shoulder in the form of leather stripe, on the front and on the back below the neck.
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