Pit bull West coast

Jacket DWIGHT black

999,00899,10 kn

Dwight's jacket is part of PitBull West Coast's latest collection of clothing. In this model, the manufacturer of sportswear and streetwear, he put on the classic - both in terms of cut and appearance. Dwight jacket is a regular fit model, so it is well placed in every shape. The material from which it was made is a high quality nylon, which owes its clothes to its windproofness. In addition, the jacket has a thick lining. The inside of the cuffs is finished with elastic inserts, so that the jacket does not let go of heat. The cotton strings contrast well with the overall outline, which adjusts the width of the outer edge of the hood and the lower edge of the jacket. The whole is very elegant, which only emphasizes the chrome latches located on the material blocking the lock. In the jacket there are both external and internal pockets. You can fasten the latches with the latches. The West Coast PitBull brand in this model has put on small emblems with their own signs. Accordingly, the logo is on a small patch on the shoulder, and the company name on the outer edge of the hood.
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