Pit bull West coast


999,00899,10 kn

The Pit Bull Old Cliffs winter jacket is from the latest autumn-winter clothing manufacturer's catalog. Inspired by high-altitude clothing, it also has an insulated, quilted lining, as well as a graphite, fur collar attached to the hood. The jacket is made of high quality nylon. What's throwing in the eye is the extensive pocket-in-lining system, as well as six front-mounted jackets (two slit-on chest latches, two vertical pockets on the hips). An additional pocket was also sewn on the left shoulder. The jacket retains a very classic style, so that it can be matched to the silhouette outside the cuffs inside the sleeves, and it is also possible to adjust the width of the waist with cotton strings. In addition, the adjustable hood adjusts its width and depth to suit your individual needs. To better protect the body from the cold, the main lock is secured with a button fastener. Jacket is branded by the manufacturer. The printed name is on the right shoulder, at the ends of the locks on the shoulder pockets and on all the buttons and latches of the pocket.
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