Pit bull West coast

MUAY THAI 18 - 30% OFF

290,00203,00 kn

The Muay Thai black jersey is one of six products from the sporting series of the Pitbull West Coast brand. He is inspired by martial arts. This motif was used on graphics in the drawing style placed on the back. It presents a sparring of two players. In the background you can see the manufacturer's logo. Attention is also drawn to top and bottom inscriptions maintained in red-white-blue colors referring to the colors of the Thailand flag, or the country of Muay Thai origin. In addition, a contrasting stitching was carried along the shoulder line. In the front, however, only the imprint with the inscription "Pitbull Sports" in the central part and a badge marked with the brand symbol at the bottom seam are located. Pitbull shirts from the spring-summer collection are made of high-grade cotton, which prevents deformation of the product. The grammage of the material (180g / m2) is matched adequately to the season, thanks to which the T-shirt is perfect to wear also on warmer days, but it will also be an ideal t-shirt for training. In turn, against the formation of abrasions, it protects sewn in from the inside, under the collar, the border.
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