Pit bull West coast


599,00299,50 kn

PitBull West Coast for sportswear enthusiasts has prepared proposals for autumn and winter. Among them is a dark gray Ragweed hoodie. Made from thick cotton with a weight of 400g / m, the sweater is the right dress for cold days. Additional protective features are full-adjustable hood and large front pocket. Flexible welts and thumb holes in the cuffs, will also provide comfort during the wind. The inner seam of the sweater, which is at the back of the neck, is covered with a silk rim so that the skin will not be exposed to rubbing. On the front of the sweatshirt above the pocket, there is a large inscription with the name of the manufacturer. It also tells us about the year in which the PitBull West Coast brand launched its activities. The logo of the manufacturer can be found on the print at neckline in the back of the sweatshirt. At the front, they can be seen on the material stripe on the pocket. Sleeve was decorated with round print with white letters "PB". You can also find other colors.
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