Pit bull West coast


599,00299,50 kn

In this current collection of PitBull West Coast is presented this dark gray hooded sweatshirt. The West Coast is a great choice for cooler months. All thanks to the material from which the sweater was made. High-weight cotton (400g / m) makes the sweatshirt warm. The clothes have a hood, the width of which can be adjusted with a twine. Special finger holes are provided in the cuffs, which provide additional protection against wind. The garment is finished with elastic cuffs. In the center, on the seam at the back of the neck, there is a silk ribbon that prevents skin abrasions. In front of the sweatshirt is a large application with the name of the company and the year in which it was created. Under the hood is a print labeled "West Coast". PitBull West Coast logo is visible on the top of the sleeve - on the leather stripe. In addition, there is a second, stripe material on the pocket. The logo is also visible on the back of the welt. The West Coast sweatshirt is also available in two other colors.
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