Pit bull West coast


699,00349,50 kn

The dark gray California sweater comes from the latest Pit Bull West Coast collection. This is a proposal for anyone looking for classic, sporty clothes. The material of the sweatshirt is high quality cotton and weights (400g / m). Thanks to this, the sweatshirt can also be successfully worn on cooler days. If it is, it can be easily unbuckled with the help of a lock. The cotton lace can be adjusted to suit your needs. Wind protection provides elastic ends of the sweatshirt and sleeves, as well as sewn thumb holes that are in the cuffs. The seam at the nape of the neck does not cause skin erosion because it has been covered with a silk rim. You can put your hands or needed items into the outer pocket. Originality of the sweatshirt emphasizes a large application placed at the chest height. There are two different fabric strips in the clothing. One is located on one of the pockets and the other on the shoulder. Also the hood was not omitted - there is the inscription "San Diego". The California sweatshirt is also available in other colors.
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